Where Does Your Condo End and the HOA Begin?

Before purchasing condo insurance for your Woodbridge or Fords, NJ unit, it’s a good idea to get together with your agent from Five Star Insurance Agency and a representative from your home owner’s association. It might surprise you to learn exactly what parts of the building, property, and even common areas you might be responsible for so you can prevent any holes in your policy. 

Review Your Unit and Plot Plan with the Home Owners Association

Whether you are buying a policy from a new insurance company or shopping before you close on the purchase of your condo, it’s vital to understand exactly where your property begins and where the common areas begin. If you are buying a townhouse with neighbors on either side, you might need insurance only for the interior of your unit. When buying a duplex or a single-family unit in a gated community, you might have your own lawn and driveway.  

Talk to your agent to make sure all areas are included in your policy.

Is the Garage Community Property or Part of Your Unit?

If your garage is located underneath your condo with access to your unit, it is likely considered part of your unit. If your townhouse has parking located under a covered area that is shared by multiple units, its maintenance and security will be part of the HOA.

Windows, Decks, Roofs, and Sidewalks

Should you not ask the right questions and leave areas off your condo insurance, you could be stuck with a hefty bill when it is damaged in a severe summer storm. 

The key to purchasing condo insurance from Five Star Insurance Agency for your Woodbridge or Fords, NJ townhome is to make sure that not only is your agent part of the discussion but also a representative from your home owner’s association that is able to answer all your crucial questions. Reach out to our agents for more information.