The Value of Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Your Fords, NJ business needs special protection. Insurance policies like commercial auto, liability, and property ensure that you can always meet your financial obligations, no matter what happens in your daily operations. However, there are times when your business policies might not be enough. In those cases, a commercial umbrella policy from Five Star Insurance Agency could be the key to your continued success.

What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

An umbrella policy is an addition to your existing policies. Rather than replace your BOP or other business coverages, this policy supplements them. When another policy is triggered by a covered event, your umbrella policy adds additional funds to your payout.

Why Do You Need an Umbrella Policy?

Chances are that your business is your biggest investment. If something threatens that investment, you could find yourself in debt and without a viable way to support your family.

Every insurance policy comes with a limit. Regardless of how much damage or loss you might suffer, your policies will only be able to grant you so much financial relief. In the case of a total loss, you may not have enough money to meet your established bank and loan obligations, rebuild your grounds, and restock your inventory.

In liability cases, you can easily spend thousands of dollars defending your business in courts. If found liable for damages, you could find yourself spending out-of-pocket for court-ordered costs after your insurance coverage taps out.

The addition of a low-cost umbrella policy is the best way to ensure you’ll always have enough cash to keep your business running, no matter what problems come your way.

Contact the insurance experts at Five Star Insurance Agency for a personalized review of your business insurance needs. We can help you customize a plan that perfectly fits your Fords, NJ operation. Call us for more information on umbrella insurance.