Touring Musicians and Commercial Insurance,

Touring musicians from Fords, NJ spend much of their lives on the road and typically invest a lot of money in their group. Thankfully, we at Five Star Insurance Agency can provide high-quality insurance options for people who run this type of business as a primary source of income.

Who is Covered By This Insurance?

Musicians come in many different varieties and are covered by touring performance artist insurance options. These policies cover a very wide array of performers, including individuals such as poets, contortionists, puppeteers, impressionists, comedians, and even ventriloquists.

Thankfully, just about every type of musician can also purchase this type of insurance. Rock and roll bands, choral groups, DJ performers, conductors, orchestral groups, barbershop quartets, bluegrass bands, and much more are all covered by this type of high-quality insurance.

What Genres are Covered?

Since touring musicians often cover many genres, these policies will cover the following types of groups:

  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Big band
  • Bluegrass
  • Classical
  • Pop
  • Gospel
  • Swing
  • Ethnic
  • Folk
  • Blues
  • Oldies
  • R&B

What Coverage Types are Available?

Coverage to these musical groups includes payments for bodily injuries, sexual abuse, damage to premises, legal liability, physical injuries, property damage, and more. As a result, touring musicians can protect their investment and avoid a serious financial loss while out on the road.

However, there are many exceptions that are not covered by this type of policy. For example, injuries suffered while crowd surfing or performing in a mosh pit are not covered by touring musician insurance because the performer assumes a certain risk when performing these actions.

Protect Your Band’s Finances

Please contact us at Five Star Insurance Agency if you are in a Fords, NJ bands that need great insurance. We will work hard to find a policy that meets your needs and get you covered for all possible losses.