Jersey to NYC: Planning your road trip

Some people live in Fords, NJ their whole lives and never visit NYC. Truth be told, you can make the trip north by train or bus and get there in a few hours, but where’s the fun in that? If you want to make your journey from Fords, NJ to NYC special, check up on your policy with Five Star Insurance Agency, get in the car and make a road trip out of it.

Plan to drive to the city, but not into the city. You’re going to spend less money renting a motel room outside of NYC and bussing or taking the train into town than you would be parking your car in NYC. We’re talking about parking spaces that run the same hourly rate as the federal minimum wage. If you have the money, do what you want, but if you’ve been saving up for this trip, park somewhere outside of town so that you don’t have to spend half your budget just putting your car somewhere while you walk around. Not to mention, you’ll spend most of your time idling in traffic without going anywhere.

Forget the tourist spots. For the best results, you’ll want a friend from NYC to give you the tour. If you don’t know any locals, check out 2nd Avenue Deli and Barney Greengrass, “The Sturgeon King,” for a great bite to eat. If all else fails, you can always visit Time Square and the Statue of Liberty.

If you live in NYC, your car insurance premiums will tend to be a little higher. Fortunately, Five Star Insurance Agency is connecting you with a New Jersey policy. Drive safe, leave the car at the hotel, and you should be fine.

For more information on your auto insurance policies, contact the agents of Five Star Insurance Agency in Fords, NJ. We can make sure your policy is up to date, so you don’t have to worry when you plan your next road trip.

Comparing Types of Auto Insurance in Fords, NJ

What makes for a good auto insurance policy for you depends on the type of car you have, how often you drive, and what you do when you’re out on the road. Use these tips from Five Star Insurance Agency to find out more about the two most common types of coverage if you live in Fords, NJ. Whether you’re looking for new auto insurance or want to change your current policy, understanding what you’re paying for can really make a difference.

Basic Coverage

Basic coverage is typically the cheapest form of insurance you can buy. You can usually only choose this insurance if you own your car (e.g., you’re not making car payments.) New Jersey is a no-fault state when it comes to accidents, meaning that you will typically get financial assistance regardless of who caused the accident. This type of coverage may not cover all of your expenses though, so it’s mainly recommended for those who have excellent medical insurance and who have emergency funds saved up to cover any other repairs.

Comprehensive Coverage 

Comprehensive coverage is normally what’s required for those who have outstanding payments on their cars. This type of coverage takes into account things like weather damage, accidents, and medical payments. It should be noted that it doesn’t cover absolutely everything, so you may want to talk to an insurance agent to ensure that you can get the help you need for the unexpected. If you need your car to get to work, you’re not going to want to explain to your boss that you were late again because of a missed bus connection.

Don’t get caught without coverage! Call Five Star Insurance Agency to get the answers you need before you decide on a policy.