What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

If you move into a condo, you are going to need to purchase condo insurance. It is similar to homeowner’s insurance. In fact, just like all insurances, there are many different plans for different prices, so you should be able to find something that will work for you and your budget. 

That being said, there are some things that are covered with standard condo insurance. These include: 

Personal liability coverage. This will protect you if anyone is injured when they are visiting you at your condo. Not only will it pay for their medical bills, but it will also help you with any legal fees that you may get if you get sued. 

Guest medical coverage. This will pay for any medical bills for someone who is injured at your condo, even if it is not your fault at all. 

Building property protection. This coverage will pay for any damage to the walls of your condo, as well as built-in interior pieces such as bookcases. 

Personal property coverage. This coverage will pay for the belongings that you have in your condo. This includes big things such as your furniture and appliances, as well as any electronics and clothing that you may have. It will also cover these items if someone breaks into your condo. 

Condo insurance is needed to protect you. It will help you in case anyone ever gets hurt on your property, by paying the medical bills, as well as any legal fees that you may be looking at. It will also cover the loss of your things, such as your furniture and clothing. 

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