What’s the Best Way to Find Umbrella Insurance?

Five Star Insurance Agency offers Fords, NJ businesses a wide range of insurance products, including high-quality umbrella policies. We can help you shop your options and identify the best choice for your needs by providing this simple but effective guide for insurance shopping.

Know Your Current Policy Limit 

Your company has a specific liability coverage limit that your umbrella policy helps improve. Knowing how much liability coverage you have can give you an idea of how much more you need in your umbrella policy, as these can vary depending on many different unique factors.

Estimate How Much Help You Might Need

Having more than enough liability protection to keep yourself safe is a great idea. You can talk with your agent to learn more about what dangers might impact your business and the unique ways that an umbrella policy can help.

Research Your Insurance Options

While umbrella insurance policies often work in similar ways, they also have slightly different setups that might make sense in different situations. Pay close attention to your options when working with your agent to get the results you deserve.

Contact Providers 

At this point, you’re ready to start contacting different providers about your policies. Our team can help you identify which option makes the most sense for you and narrow your choices to a company with your back and can give you the protection that makes sense.

We’re Here to Help

Five Star Insurance Agency can help Ford’s NJ companies get the help they need with high-quality umbrella insurance. If you’re on the fence or in the market for an excellent policy, contact us immediately to learn more about the unique benefits that make the most sense for our needs.