What is Water Backup Coverage?

Water backup is a common endorsement, especially with Five Star Insurance Agency’s coverage policies. A majority of people see it on their policies and ask, "Is this necessary?"

Imagine there’s a torrential downpour during a storm, and your power goes out, including that of your sump pump. Your previously dry basement may convert into a watery disaster. It is smart to always plan for the worst. Fords, NJ’s water system could become overwhelmed and it could back up into your home through the drain! In the event of such misfortunes, a water backup coverage takes care of you.

What does a typical homeowner’s policy cover?

You may be surprised to discover that a standard home policy does not cater for water damage. Accidental rupture of the home’s plumbing pipes or unexpected damage to your roof which allows rain into your home is frequently covered. However, the water damage from most other incidents is not.

What does the water backup insurance policy entail?

With the backup of sewers and drains, your homeowner’s policy is broadened to include coverage for damage as a result of water backing up. Remember, water backup coverage differs from flood insurance. To cover perils due to floods you need to talk with an agent about flood policy.

When selecting your coverage, consider all of the objects in your basement. This includes electronics, furniture, carpeting, and appliances. What would be the expense of replacing everything in the event of water damage? Including clean-up expenses as well.

To start planning for the future, seek advice from Five Star Insurance Agency. Water backup insurance choices may differ by state. If you live in Woodbridge or Fords, NJ, contact our agents to discuss the options suited for you.