What Is Covered Under A Flood Insurance Policy?

During a flooding disaster, numerous homeowners are shocked to find out that their flood insurance can only cater to specific items, leaving a handful of essential assets outside of their coverage. With this comes the need to cover the remaining repair and replacement costs out of pocket, a factor that will likely cause financial constraints. If you reside within Fords, NJ, and are looking for ways to avoid this, Five Star Insurance Agency takes you through the following items covered by a flood insurance policy.

Building Property Coverage

Building property coverage protects the structure of your home, its foundation, and fixed structures within your home. Examples of permanent structures covered include essential systems like air conditioners, electrical and plumbing systems, heat pumps, and water heaters. Built-in appliances are also included, with examples of this being washing machines and refrigerators. Structures such as cabinets and bookcases are also protected, with detached garages also taken care of by this coverage.

Personal Contents Coverage

Personal contents coverage takes care of your personal belongings, helping you replace or repair them depending on the extent of the flooding. Examples of these items include clothing, electronics, and furniture. Flooding exclusions will, however, kick in when your contents are stored in your basement, since various flood policies do not protect items in this area. Certain personal valuables are also taken care of by personal content coverage, with an example being art pieces where the policy allows.

Other Coverage

Some events outside the regular flooding guidelines may also be covered and will often apply when multiple properties, yours included, suffer similar damage. Events that could lead to this include groundwater seepage or a faulty water main that causes flooding to various homes.

Whether you live in a flood-prone area or need coverage to keep your Fords, NJ property safe from any unforeseen events, consider calling Five Star Insurance Agency today. We will help you customize a flood insurance policy suited to flood emergencies.