Personal Health Insurance Is Necessary For Every American

Having Health Insurance is Now a Federal Law

Having adequate health insurance helps to protect you financially should a health crisis hit you or a family member. Having adequate health insurance is vital and the right of every American citizen. However, there are still a lot of Americans that do not have health insurance coverage, and usually, this is due to the fact that many people cannot afford to buy health insurance. Come in for a visit at Five Star Insurance Agency, LLC, Fords, NJ, and set your mind at peace, knowing that there is the right policy fitting your health needs and budget. Speak to one of our licensed agents today and find a solution to your health insurance needs. 

Our insurance agency was established in 1984, and serve the residents in Fords and surrounding areas. Our licensed agents are seasoned, and experienced in the insurance industry and earned the trust of our community. 

There is a wide range of minimum and essential health care coverage plans to fit specific needs. Let us sit down together and take a closer look to find a policy that meets your needs and budget. If you are a Medicare recipient, we can help you find a supplement insurance plan that accommodates your Medicare Plan. Never allow a stack of medical bills to put you into debt for many years to come because you did not have adequate health insurance coverage. We can help you with the following available programs.

  • Government-Sponsored Programs
  • Employer-Sponsored Plans
  • Marketplace Plans
  • Grandfathered Health Plans

Health Insurance, an Urgent Need

Having a health insurance plan is now a requirement under federal law in not only New Jersey but all other states across America. Find out what medical procedures were not covered but are now covered by health insurance. Find acceptable and affordable health insurance with Five Star Insurance Agency, Fords, NJ. Give us a call today, come visit us and speak with one of our seasoned and knowledgeable agents for a free, no-obligation quote.