New Jersey Life Insurance – What You Need To Know About Life Insurance

They say that there are only two universal truths in Life and that’s Death and Taxes.  There should be a third universal truth in Life and that’s “uncertainty” because nobody truly knows what will happen to them day-to-day in their life.  You can wake up in the morning feeling great and not know that in just mere hours, you could have an accident that will require you to convalesce in a hospital for two weeks.  It’s that uncertainty that we all face in our lives that brings up the question of how to protect ourselves and our families.  Five Star Insurance Agency in Fords, NJ offers many insurance options including life insurance.

Life Insurance

Have you pondered the thought of what would happen to your family in the case of your untimely passing?  You’re not alone as many of us have those same thoughts and worries.  Do I have enough money saved for such a situation?  Will my family be okay financially?  Will they be protected with what I leave to them?  These are all questions that we ask ourselves, usually after a traumatic event or a close call.  Those are not the optimum times to have these conversations with yourself as you should be ahead of the game and have a game plan for protecting your family just in case.

Life Insurance typically comes in two different versions, Whole-Life and Term-Life.  Whole-Life insurance covers you as long as you make your monthly premium payments.  Some companies require a physical (especially if you start your plan as an older person) while others don’t have those requirements.  The money built up over the Whole-LIfe term can be borrowed against which is an option not afforded to Term-Life Insurance.  Term-Life insurance covers a period of time (10 to 30 years) and its value is set, meaning that you can’t borrow against it or build up a cash value to the policy.

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