Is Flood Coverage for You?

As a homeowner in Fords, NJ, you’re aware of the importance of home insurance in protecting your home and goods against theft, fire, storm damage, and other disasters. But are you as concerned about the risk of flooding? Many NJ homeowners are still on the fence about flood coverage. If you’re not sure flood insurance is for you, these flood facts from Five Star Insurance Agency can help you make an informative decision.

Floods Can Occur Anywhere

Floods may occur more often in high flood zone areas, but they can (and have) happened almost anywhere, putting your Fords, NJ home at risk of flooding. Unless you have the financial means of repairing or replacing your home after a flood, you’d do well to protect it with flood insurance.

Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flooding  

Your homeowner’s policy may cover interior flooding due to faulty plumbing or a leaky roof. It doesn’t, however, cover flood damage from rising river waters or storm surges. If your NJ home floods due to a hurricane, you’ll be glad you have flood insurance to compensate you for damage.  

Flood Insurance Protects Your Home & Belongings

You can purchase flood coverage to protect your home and belongings. A standard flood policy can protect your home up to $250,000 and your goods up to $100,000 to facilitate your recovery after a flood disaster.

Flood Insurance is Reasonably Priced

If you live outside a flood zone, as many homeowners in NJ do, you can purchase flood coverage at a reasonable price, putting it well within your reach financially. This makes flood insurance a good investment in protecting your home and valuables.

For more information about flood insurance or to purchase a flood policy, contact us at Five Star Insurance Agency. For your convenience, we serve residents in Fords, NJ, and surrounding communities.