How umbrella insurance protects you at home

Umbrella insurance is a personal policy that protects you and your loved ones from financial loss in case of an accident that goes beyond the normal limits in the standard policies. Many people in Fords, NJ are considering this policy because it is all around. That means that you are protected wherever you go–which includes your home. At Five Star Insurance Agency, we understand the value of your home, and that is why we work to ensure that you have enough coverage. 

Here are a few ways umbrella can save the day at home


Umbrella insurance provides major coverages when it comes to lawsuits. Lawsuits in Fords NJ can be particularly expensive and mentally draining. A lot of money, time, and energy is lost, which may limit your power to earn like before. In case you are sued by your neighbor or guest for injuries sustained while at your house, umbrella insurance may help pay the rest of the amount required if your home insurance is not enough.

Property damage

Having children or pets around sometimes means dealing with constant fights with neighbors, which could easily lead to injuries, property damage, and lawsuits. Pets and kids can destroy other people’s property, such as breaking windows or damaging the garden.  When these unfortunate incidents happen, umbrella insurance can help you get things on track by providing extra coverage.


Injuries are common in every home. It is easy to get cut, scratched, hit, or bruised at home by various things. However, the situation can quickly get messy if these injuries are severe. Medical bills can quickly go up and blow your home insurance limits.

Umbrella insurance is designed to add extra coverage when your home insurance is insufficient. At Five Star Insurance Agency, we are all about keeping your finances safe when the unfortunate happens. Feel free to contact us for more information, questions quotes for new policy discussions.