Auto Insurance in New Jersey FAQs

Auto Insurance requirements vary by state and can be confusing for new drivers. If you are new to the area or new to driving we can clear up any auto insurance confusion you may have. We serve drivers in and around Fords, NJ. 

Auto Insurance in New Jersey Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the legal coverage requirements? All drivers in the state of New Jersey must have Liability, PIP, and Uninsured Motorist Insurance to legally drive. In addition, the burden of proof of these insurances falls upon the driver.  You must provide proof with official insurance documentation if requested. Failure to have these documents can lead to fines or even license suspension. 
  • How difficult is it to get this proof of coverage?  It is not difficult at all. When you purchase your policy we will provide your official documentation that proves you are insured with us. Be sure to keep a copy in your vehicle at all times. 
  • Should I get an umbrella insurance policy in addition? There are some situations where additional coverage is prudential. If you drive often for your job but do not have commercial insurance with your employment, or if you have an extra long commute through congested areas, then extra coverage may end up protecting you in the long term. If your car is of special value due to its age or upgrades, you may want an add on as well. Discuss your personal situation when you call for a quote. 

To make sure you are protected no matter your walk in life or insurance needs, Visit us at Five Star Insurance Agency for an auto insurance quote. We serve Fords, NJ and the surrounding areas with quality insurance services so call today or click for online quoting.